The aim of the Fab Lab is make the design tools available to all. Therefore we use freeware where possible. Here is a list of the current design tools and software we use. If you are not familiar with drawing packages. It is worth downloading a few at home and doing the online tutorials and you can be designing away in no time!!

Gimp -

Blender -

Open office -

Inkscape -

Google Sketch up - with stl plugin

This plugin seems to work quite well

However this program repairs any incomplete stl files

Or this program

Adobe -

Qcad -

Eagle -

MIT Software -

Summary of software and file types for our equipment


Ubuntu Software

Windows Software

File Types

Epilogue Laser Cutter

 Cad/Camm (MIT software)

Inkscape(2D), Gimp(2D), Open office(2D)


Roland Vinyl Cutter

 Cad/Camm  (MIT software)

Cutstudio (2D), Inkscape(2D), Gimp(2D)


Modela Desktop Miller and 3D Scanner

 Cad/Camm  (MIT software)

Sketchup(3D), Blender(3D), Eagle(Circuit boards)


Dimension 3D Printer


Sketchup(3D), Blender(3D)


Shopbot CNC Router


Part works(2D&3D), Sketchup(3D), Blender(3D)

.dxf(2D) .stl(3D)

Janome MC 200E Embroidery machine


Basic program on sewing machine


Sewing Machine




Note: If you have files made using other software, where possible you might want to bring your software in case you need to tweak things here,