Young Fab Academy - Summer 2012

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Eventbrite - Young Fab Academy - Pupils 11 - 13


Are you looking for a fun and unique activity for the  summer holidays? 

Something that stretches your imagination, allows you to  think creatively and uses technology to design and build  new products?

Then join us for our Young Fab Academy at Fab Lab Manchester, a  digital fabrication workshop which gives businesses, entrepreneurs,  schools and communities the tools to bring their product ideas to life. This summer, Fab Lab will open its doors and invite young people  aged 11 – 16 to turn their ideas into reality.


Over five days you will learn how to use digital technology to  design, build and invent prototype products as well as  develop career skills.

All Young Fab Academy projects are delivered in a fun and engaging way by Fab Lab’s experienced team, and have been designed to inspire young people to think creatively, use initiative and help with future education and career choices:

Design and make a remote controlled robot

Design and make a football playing robot, creating your own personalised model in 2D design software before using a laser cutter to bring your ideas to life. Compete against other robots in a challenge to see the last robot standing!

Build a mobile phone boom-box docking station

Build a Fab docking station, turning your mobile phone into a bespoke boom box using a computer controlled milling machine to engrave a bespoke speaker system. Wire up the speakers, amp and other components and create a light emitting strip using LEDs to bring it all together.

Create a light-activated funked-up music box

Using the principles of electronics and design, build a circuit board, solder components together, programme a micro-controller, design a box container and choose a cool tune to complete your own magical mystery music boxes!

3D product design and printing

Design and make plastic products and working models using rapid prototyping and 3D printing. Come up with an innovative household item and wow a panel of judges with your designs, no matter how weird or wacky!

The Fab Academy Challenge

Bring your new skills into action at the end of the week by taking part in the ‘Fab Lab Challenge’, where you get to beat the experts through using your powers of innovation, imagination and creativity.

How to book?

Eventbrite - Young Fab Academy - Pupils 11 - 13

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