Happy Birthday - 20-21st April 2012

It’s our
2nd birthday expo!
Celebrating two years of projects created at Fab Lab Manchester.
20 – 21 April 2012

2nd birthday

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Fab Lab Manchester 2nd Birthday Expo!


To celebrate our second birthday, Fab Lab Manchester will be holding a two-day

exhibition on 20th and 21st April 2012 to showcase some of the products and

innovations that have been conceived, designed and built at the Lab.

1 Fab-ulous 2nd Birthday Expo

2 years

24 projects exhibit

900 users

1664 hours of Open Lab

1000s of ideas realised

5000 visits



You are invited to this event , which will provide an opportunity to see the diverse range of

creative products that the Lab has helped to bring to life, meet some of

our users and share experiences!

This is an open exhibition and no booking is required.


        Special preview of Fab Lab 2nd Birthday Expo - Thursday 19th of April 5:30pm to 9pm
        This is a free ticketed event and only 50 places are available

        To reserve your place :

          Sold Out

        You only chance to attend is to visit us on Friday the 20th or Saturday the 21st.
        It is really worthy!



The new affordable biped robot for fun and education
he Bambinos walk about avoiding obstacles and table edges and can be programmed from an Infrared remote control (TV remote).

David Buckley



For the "Make Something Big" assignment on the Fab Academy schedule, I wanted to design something useful which used material as efficiently as possible. I designed these chairs so that two could be cut out of one sheet of plywood. I also tried to make them as ergonomic as I could and easy to assemble without fixings or tools.

Joel Rae


Piccadilly Garden

Architecture project which will give you an different way of looking at this famous Manchester place

Dalia Dimitrova


Binary Clock

This is a binary clock, arranged in a circular manner using different colour LEDs to indicate the time. It is built using the Arduino Lilypad microcontroller. Red indicate hours (9 in this case), blue minutes (6) and yellow seconds (20). So the time shown is 9:06:30.

Simon Monk