Fab Academy - 18th Jan 2012

The Fab Academy

Next Fab Academy starts Jan 18th 2012

How would you like to become a Fab Guru – a Global Expert in all of the Fab Lab Digital Design & Manufacturing processes and equipment?Machine that makes machines
If so now is your chance to sign up for the Fab Academy Diploma 2012.
The Diploma runs for 20 weeks from Jan 18th to May 30th 2012 and is delivered by Professor Neil Gershenfeld of MIT and a host of international academics in all things Fab. The programme is run across more than 10 Fab Labs around the world making this a truly global programme. Subjects include:
·    Electronics design
·    Computer-controlled machining
·    Interface & application programming
·    Machine design
·    Output devices
·    Invention, intellectual property, and business models
·    Any many more
Global lectures are delivered via Manchester Fab lab video-conferencing at 14:00 each Wednesday and last 2 hours. There is an assignment each week, when you will make various projects and students are given exclusive use of the Fab Lab on Mondays and shared use on Fridays to complete this, mentored by Dr Eddie Kirkby, Fab Guru. The final project will be to make a multi-purpose machine (MTM machine pictured) which can act as a 3D printer, CNC milling machine or vinyl cutter.
Price per student is $5,000 (approx £3,200) inclusive of materials and mentored lab time.
To request an application form or for more info contact:
Dr Eddie Kirkby
Email: eddie.kirkby@FabLabManchester.org
Phone: 0161 205 0070