The Manufacturing Institute and UK Fab Labs

What are we doing?

The Manufacturing Institute

Embracing the enthusiasm of the communities in the North West of the UK, The Manufacturing Institute has opened the UK’s first Fab Lab in Manchester this year. Once the first UK Fab Lab is up and running, we hope to support the opening of several Fab Labs across the UK.

The Manufacturing Institute is an independent charity founded over 15 years ago by North West manufacturers and Universities. The Manufacturing Institute works throughout the UK with organisations helping to improve performance and providing education for the public good with a particular emphasis on manufacturing.

Why are we doing it?

The Northwest, home to the industrial revolution, is still one of the most important centres for manufacturing in the UK. The region’s history of innovation and creative thinking makes Manchester the ideal place to lead the next revolution in personal fabrication.

The Manufacturing Institute believes that Fab Labs is a fantastic opportunity to encourage learning in the community and to show how manufacturing can be both creative and rewarding.

How did it all start?

Whilst jetting around the world and keeping in touch with the latest happenings Manufacturing Insitute trustee, Chris Wilkinson stumbled across Fab Labs. After cutting a deal to meet Professor Gerschenfeld the Fab Labs creator, he then told the team at the Manufacturing Institute. Who have since been working away for a year to bring the UK's first Fab Lab right here to Manchester in the fabulous Chips building.