Big Bang 11-13th March 2010

11-13th March 2010 Big Bang Fair at Manchester Convention Centre is an annual event promoting Science Technology Engineering and Maths. Young scientists and engineers compete for prestigious prizes whilst demonstrating their acheivements to others. The event attracts over 20000 students as well as top companies and institutions demostrating the importance and interelations of these subjects.

Our stand "Make It with Fab Lab Manchester" asked the students what they knew about manufacturing and put them to work making sunglasses, badges and electronic candles for Mother's Day. Check out the team below in action. This picture was taken after the barriers and security arrived. Before that we could hardly move for eager delegates trying to make the must have item of the show our neon slotted sunglasses!

Fab Lab Manchester was able to provide equipment, staff and ideas to get everyone involved in the activities!