The Fab Charter

Mission: Fab Labs is a global network of local labs, enabling invention by providing access for individuals to tools for digital fabrication.

Access: you can use the Fab Lab to make almost anything (anything that doesn't hurt anyone); you must learn to do it yourself, and you must share use of the lab with other uses and users

Education: training in the Fab Lab based on doing projects and learning from peers; you're expected to contribute to documentation and instruction

Responsibility: you're responsible for:

safety: knowing how to work without hurting people or machines
cleaning up: leaving the lab cleaner than you found it
operations: assisting with maintaining, repairing, and reporting on tools, supplies, and incidents

Secrecy: designs and processes developed in Fab Labs must remain available for individual use although intellectual property can be protected however you choose

Business: commercial activities can be incubated in Fab Labs but they must not conflict with open access, they should grow beyond rather than within the lab, and they are expected to benefit the inventors, labs, and networks that contribute to their success.

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