Fab Labs Around the World

Fab Folk Network http://www.fabfolk.com/ is the central focus for all Fab Labs across the world.

There are about 50 Fab Labs around the world - here is a map showing a few

Shepherds in Norway have used their Fab Lab to create a system for tracking sheep using their mobile phones, while in Ghana, people made an innovative truck refrigeration system powered by the vehicle's own exhaust gases. In Afghanistan, people are fashioning customised prosthetic limbs, while in South Africa a government and business backed project is creating simple internet connected computers that hook up to televisions and cost just ten dollars each. 

Some of the Fabs Labs in the World

  • Fab Lab Afghanistan
  • Fab Lab Amsterdam
  • Fab Lab Barcelona
  • Fab Lab Cape Town
  • Fab Lab Chicago
  • Fab Lab Ghana
  • Fab Lab Hoylandet (Norway)
  • Fab Lab Iceland
  • Fab Lab Kanpur (India)
  • Fab Lab Lyngen (Norway)
  • Fab Lab Nairobi
  • Fab Lab Ohio
  • Fab Lab Pretoria (South Africa)
  • Fab Lab San Diego (California)
  • Fab Lab Shoshenguve (South Africa)
  • Fab Lab South Bronx (New York)
  • Fab Lab The Hague
  • Fab Lab Utrecht
  • Fab Lab Vigyam Ashram (India)