Help make an impact: Fability

7th June

The Fability project is a collaborative project between Fab Lab Manchester’ and ‘Full Circle Arts’ focussing on working with and creating fab new products for people with disabilities.
The aim of the project is to make something that makes life a little easier, safer or just a little more fun for people with disabilities. We believe in inclusive design which means the ideas for the projects comes from those who will use them.
Would you like to get involved? We are looking for creative, innovative individuals, irrespective of disability, who are up for getting involved by either sharing ideas or getting involved with making these ideas a reality! 
The next group meeting is on Saturday 15th June where we will be reviewing the ideas so far and maybe generating a few more. The session starts at 11am and finishes about 3pm. Some lunch will be provided.
If you have an idea but can’t come along just send us an email and put Fability in the subject line – we would love to hear from you
As a guide to idea suitability - It should be relevant and repeatable throughout the Fab Lab World Network, and built on a budget using locally sourced materials.