DIWO Evenings

DIWO is back! After a somewhat prolonged hiatus the fabulous DIWO, “Do It With Others”, is back. For those of you at the back of the room, DIWO is a meeting of Fab Folks that takes place once a month on a Thursday evening 18:00 - 20:00. At the fabled event you can meet, talk and exchange ideas with others. There is also a short talk where one of our illustrious fellow fabbers tells us about what they have made and shares some tricks and tips on how they did it. We have even been known to provide a beer and nibbles.

Pete Blacker 1001 things you can do with drones 3rd July    
Tom Macpherson-Pope Me and my Raspberry Pi 7th August    
Paulo Marini Open Farm Technology: Aquaponics 4th September    
James Fletcher Postponed 2nd October    
James Fletcher Fab Academy Masterclass 6th November    
Trotec Laser Laser cutting exotic materials 4th December    

Future DIWO topics Include:

  • How to get into programming
  • Turning lasercut designs into a business
  • How to make a carbon-fibre bike frame

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