If you’re a school and are looking to stimulate creativity and spark innovation, then Fab Lab is the ideal place to start. Fab Lab can help children realise their potential and go beyond the classroom boundaries. The Fab Lab can be used for single events or frequently as part of a project.

What's in the Fab Lab?

Fab Lab Manchester contains various pieces of computer controlled fabrication equipment ranging from 3D printers, laser cutters and milling machines to sewing and embroidery machines, not to mention a variety of electronic components and materials. Fab Lab also provides access to computers and easy-to-use design and manufacture software, capturing your ideas and turning them into reality at the press of a button.

The Fab Lab is staffed by highly-skilled technicians who can offer support and training in the use of the equipment. All we ask is that users share their ideas and knowledge and help fellow users to get the most out of the equipment and resources.

What can I do at Fab Lab?

We offer structured activity days mapped to various subjects within the national curriculum, including Robolab, where students work in teams to design, market and build remote controlled robots check it. taking on different roles within the development team such as graphic designer, marketing manager and project manager in addition to product designer and engineer. Find out more.

Our flagship programme for young people is the Young Fab Academy, where if you're aged between 11 and 16 you can learn how to use digital technology to design, build and invent the products of the future as well as develop important career skills. Find out more>

We also run sessions which can be tailored around a project that you might be working on as a school or class. We have helped schools to design and make everything from wind turbines and model boats to remote-controlled cars and musical instruments.

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