Fab Lab Manchester helps businesses of all sizes to develop and make prototypes for new product ideas.

What's in the Fab Lab?

Alongside the equipment, the Fab Lab staff will help you by bringing expertise in a variety of development disciplines, link. From precision laser cutters to accurate moulding and milling equipment, the Fab Lab contains everything you need to produce accurate 3D models and prototypes of all descriptions.

As well as helping to develop new products, Fab Lab is a useful resource for building creative talent and we offer a range of programmes and workshops to help build creativity, lead innovation and problem-solve, all of which add real value to any business.

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Read about some of our products and ideas to find out what other businesses have made at Fab Lab Manchester.

  • Chris Williams, United Creatives

    “Fab Lab Manchester really understood our needs and worked hard to prefect the best technique for producing the mural. We’re extremely happy with the quality of work and won’t hesitate to call on Fab Lab again when we need more concepts bringing to life.”

  • Piers Ridyard, inventor of the Nifty MiniDrive

    “Fab Lab Manchester has been an invaluable resource - there are very few spaces where industry spec equipment can be accessed by anyone with an idea, a little ambition and the motivation to learn something new. Fab Lab provides a safe place for new inventors and designers to make the mistakes they need to in a supportive and solutions-focused environment. I couldn't have done it without them.”

  • Dr James Corden, Business Development Manager, TrusTECH

    "We used Fab Lab to manufacture prototype Toric Markers which helped us persuade Malosa Medical to produce the device as a commercial product."

  • Sandra Decker-Jung, leolightdesign, Manchester

    “We developed our light installation ‘Lichtkritzel’ with a manufacturing process leant from Fab Lab Manchester. It was great to see the meticulous and diligent approach of the Fab Lab staff whilst creating the model, which was displayed at the Light & Building Show in Frankfurt in 2012.”