Roland vinyl cutter

Roland cutters produce crisp, eye-catching graphics with speed and precision. Applications include vehicle graphics, signs, decals, labels, stencils, pinstriping, paint protection film and logos, amongst others.

The speed and precision of the GX-24 digital cutter is to be admired. It uses a digital servomotor to achieve maximum accuracy and cutting speeds of up to 500mm/s. It also features a curve-smoothing function that allows precise cutting, even at high speeds. The result is faster production and more professional looking graphics. Couple this with the wide range of media the GX-24 accepts such as vinyl, paint mask, reflective vinyls, twill, heat transfer and sand blast material and you get a fantastic piece of sign-making equipment.

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Accepts material from two to 27.5 inches wide

Mechanical Resolution



Cutting speeds up to 20 inches per second


Max down force of 250 grams

Optical Registration

Recognises crop marks produced by a variety of print-only devices and automatically aligns media so  that printed graphics can be accurately contour cut.


Vinyl, paint mask, reflective vinyls, twill, heat transfer, and sandblast


Roland CutStudio™ Software included



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Hints and tips

  • If your vinyl is going on the inside of a window, the text will need to be mirrored. This can be done by right clicking the object in Cutstudio, selecting properties and adding a minus to the width parameter.
  • When you are creating vinyl stickers with multiple lines of text, it is useful to draw a line between them. This will make it much easier when you are peeling the negative space as you can do it line by line.