Below are the materials we commonly use at Fab Lab Manchester. Some of these materials are in stock and can be purchased directly from us (please call in advance to check stock). We also have off-cuts of various materials which can be used free of charge. If you require any other materials you will need to bring them with you. 

Laser Cutter Max Size 300x600m
Acrylic 3mm - Clear 300mm x 600mm
Acrylic 3mm - Various colours 300mm x 600mm
Acrylic 6mm - Clear 300mm x 600mm
Plywood 3mm Various Sizes
MDF 3mm (Laserable) Various Sizes
Cardboard 3mm 300mm x 600mm
Cardboard 5mm 300mm x 600mm
Paper 300mm x 600mm
Modella Milling Machine Max Size 150x200mm
Machineable wax 40mm x 90mm x 150mm
Circuit boards 1.6mm x 1000mm x 1200mm
Wood (Various) 150x200mm
Shopbot CNC Router Max Size 1200mmx 2400mm x 75mm
Plywood 3-25mm Thick  
MDF 3-25mm Thick  
Cast Iron  
Vinyl Cutter  
Copper Tape 3M 1126 150mm x 33m
Vinyl roll (canary yellow) 380mm wide
Vinyl roll (card red) 380mm wide
Vinyl roll (royal blue) 380mm wide
Vinyl roll (cactus green) 380mm wide
Transfer Tape, Permacel 595B 150mmx 55m
WHITE Epoxy film 3M 1 150mm x 90m
3D Printer Max size (due to raw material costs being quite high)
ABS plus cartridge (white) 1000 cm3
Soluble support cartridge 1000 cm3

We review our list of materials regularly and may change items or quantities. If you have any questions about materials please contact us.