Nifty MiniDrive

This brand new device allows anyone to increase the storage space of their MacBook computer, and is due to hit the retail market in 2013. The Nifty MiniDrive, invented by Manchester-based trainee lawyer Piers Ridyard, is designed to fit neatly into the SD card slot of any MacBook computer, becoming a semi-permanent part of the device, and avoiding the cost and inconvenience of upgrading it. Piers came up with the concept in January 2012, designed the product almost overnight and turned to Fab Lab to help test its feasibility before prototype stage. After launching the project on Kickstarter, the world’s largest crowd-funding web platform for creative concepts, he has now raised over $384,000 to supply almost 13,000 Nifty MiniDrives to those who have ‘backed’ the product – making the device the UK’s most successful Kickstarter project ever, and ranking 11th in the world.