Products & ideas

Since opening in March 2010, Fab Lab Manchester has helped to conceive, develop and prototype a range of products, with a number of these now being sold commercially:


  • The Crossings mural

    Fab Lab Manchester worked with Manchester-based design firm United Creatives to bring to life a design for a mural, as part of the company’s work to develop a range of arts-based elements for Hull homeless shelter ‘The Crossings’. Using its…Read More

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  • Lichtkritzel

    Innovative lighting designers in Manchester, leolightdesign, used Fab Lab to design and prototype an interactive light installation to be debuted at Frankfurt’s prestigious Light & Building Show in joom. Using the expert knowledge on hand at Fab Lab, the company…Read More

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  • MP3 toothbrush

    Young carer Tayyeb Sheikh used Fab Lab to create an innovative new toothbrush with an inbuilt MP3 player. He is now looking at an alternative version with pressure sensitive bristles aimed at the travel market and small children market to…Read More

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  • Toric marker

    North West NHS Innovation Hub, TrusTECH, manufactured a prototype-marking tool for a pioneering form of cataract surgery. The use of Fab Lab’s rapid prototyping facilities enabled the device to be produced far more quickly and at a fraction of the…Read More

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  • Nifty MiniDrive

    This brand new device allows anyone to increase the storage space of their MacBook computer, and is due to hit the retail market in 2013. The Nifty MiniDrive, invented by Manchester-based trainee lawyer Piers Ridyard, is designed to fit neatly…Read More

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