Shopbot CNC router

ShopBot's PRSstandard CNCs are tools for those who are ready to get started with CNC productivity - at a very low cost. These tools are standard in the sense that they have set the performance standard for entry-level CNC routers for many years. Now, the motors and new RBK drives offer significantly improved speed and power compared to previous models. 

ShopBot PRSstandard tools use open-loop stepper motors produced specifically for tools with low-backlash gearheads. These motors have been used on the machines for many years and have proven to be tough, CNC workhorses. The PRSstandard Control System now includes RBK Series stepper motor drivers. These drivers provide higher speeds, higher step resolution and smoother cutting than our previous generations of ShopBots.




Work piece size

 1.22m x 2.44m x 0.15m


  Wood, Foam, Aluminium, Acrylic

Operation time

  From a few minutes depending on size


  The Crackit bat, Furniture, Moulds

Software compatibility/file type

  .dxf(2D) .stl(3D)


Technical details

XY Move Speed (with full cutting force)

 Variable, max. 300”/min.  (7.62m/min.)

Z Move Speed (with full cutting force)

 Variable, max. 180”/min.  (4.57m/min.)

XY Positioning Speed

 Variable, max. 500”/min.  (12.7m/min.)

Z Positioning Speed

 Variable, max. 240”/min.  (6.1m/min.)

Step Resolution

 0.0006”  (0.015mm)

Positional Accuracy (no load)

 +/- 0.005in (0.127mm)

Linear Cutting Force

 Approximately 75 lbs. (34 Kg)

X and Y Axis Drive System

 Rack and Pinion

Z Axis Drive System

 Rack and Pinion

Input Voltage

 110 volt (12 amp); or 220 volt (6 amp) [Single phase, 50-60Hz]

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